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From the Lowell Charter:
Section 7. Council.  The council shall be composed of five (5) council members elected in the City at large and by position number. Each position shall bear a number running from one (No. 1) through five (No. 5) and any candidate for council shall, starting with his/her nominating petition, designate the number of council seat to which he/she seeks election; further, one candidate may run for only one position at an election. They shall serve without pay.

The council members whose terms of office expire with the end of 1984 shall be assigned seat numbers 2, 3, and 5; the council members whose terms of office expire the end of 1986 shall be assigned seat numbers 1 and 4. Within the scope of the preceding provision, the council shall forthwith determine by lot the numbers to be assigned to the incumbent council members. Each council position shall be for a term of four years.

Section 8.  Council Members.  The term of office of each council member in office when this charter is adopted shall continue for the tern for which each was elected. At each subsequent biennial general election, three council members shall be elected in 1984 and every four years thereafter.

Section 9.  Mayor.  At the first meeting of each odd numbered year the council shall choose from its membership a Mayor. The Mayor’s term of office will be two years.
Current Council Members are:

Position #1 - Melody Knokey
                                   Term expires 12-31-2014
Position #2 - Mayor: Steve Paulson  
   Term expires 12-31-2016
Position #3 - Jim Burford

Councilor Jim Burford is a 1968 graduate of Springfield High School. Jim and his wife Karen were married in 1969. Jim has worked the last 20 years as an estimator for Central Lane Building Supply. They have 3 children and 4 granddaughters. Jim is an avid sportsman and the both love the outdoors. Born and raised in Springfield, he served on the Springfield Planning Commission for 8 years. Jim is enthusiastic about the potential for growth in Lowell. He sees Lowell as a progressive growing community with a great future. Jim has volunteered and worked hard to make Lowell a better place to live. He current holds City Council Position #3, he is a member of the Parks Advisory Committee, the Budget Committee and is an active member of the Lowell Grange. Jim is known by family and friends as “Mr. Volunteer.” He is always willing to get his hands dirty for the residents of Lowell. He helped in construction of restrooms at Paul Fisher Park, was head carpenter in construction of the new deck and wheelchair ramp at the Lowell Grange. He worked many hours as the project manager of the City Hall renovations. He helped construct railroad bed for the Caboose at Rolling Rock Park, he is a member of the Blackberry Jam Committee, he has worked every year during park clean up day, he is the “scissor lift guy” for putting up the Christmas lights on the covered bridge and he takes his turn at cleaning the park restrooms. Jim’s vision for Lowell includes high educational goals, safe facilities for students and families, a strong urban development plan and a vibrant downtown. Councilor Burford can be reached at jimburford@hotmail.com and his phone number is 541-915-8976.
Term expires December 31, 2016.
Position #4 - Gary Reese

Gary has resided in Lowell with his wife for about 14 years.  He is retired from a law enforcement career, and previously served for two terms on the Lowell Rural Fire Protection District, much of the time as it’s Vice-President.  He’s an elder in his church, Lakeside Community, in Dexter.  He has served on the Lowell City Council since January 1, 2011. He is a strong conservative who doesn’t believe in using the city website as a free re-election campaign tool, and therefore has declined to elaborate further on his platforms upon which he stands or previously ran.  He believes this site should be limited to brief personal biographical information. This is his first term as a Council member. Term expires December 31, 2014.

Position #5 - Council President: Judith Rennert
                                                                                   Term expires 12-31-2016