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There are a few projects that the City is working on that should be completed by Summer 2011. 
The first one is the North Shore Water and Sewer Line Extention. This project has extended the water and sewer lines west on North Shore Drive to the city limits to allow the Lowell State Park to hook up to the city water and sewer. This will supply the State Park with good, clean drinking water and sanitary sewer disposal for years to come.
The second project is the water treatment facility. Necessary improvements are being made to the water treatment plant to allow the city to continue to provide water to customers and keep the water plant upgraded for future use.
The next project is the water tower project which is the construction of an additional water tower so the city has adequate water storage. With the additional water storage that the tower will provide will also allow the city to make repairs to the old tower without disruption of water service to it's customers.
The City is very excited about this next project because it has been in the works for the last 10 years. The City and St. Vincent de Paul are excited to announce the "Home of your Own Program". A self-help home ownership opportunity.
The Home of your Own Program (HOYOP) is a self-help home ownership opportunity in Lowell. HOYOP pairs the energy and enthusiasm of the homebuyer with the expertise of a professional builder. Homebuyers receive homeownership training and assistance with the affordable monthly payment loan itself. For more information visit the St. Vincent de Paul website at www.svdp.us .